About Us


It began with a traditional family recipe for lemon cordial, hand-painted gift cards and a stall each Saturday at the St Andrews market in outer Melbourne- Hart and Soul was born. The brand, now firmly established, has evolved and the range has expanded to include 8 delicious 100% natural cordials, salad dressings, bliss balls and more.

The latest exciting addition to Hart and Soul are my superfoods, R.E.N.U Greenpower Blend being the first.

My Organic GREENPOWER blend combines 23 certified organic raw superfood powders, carefully chosen to work synergistically to Rejuvenate. Energise. Nourish. You . A nutrient dense, antioxidant rich, pure plant product with no fillers, designed to be taken daily in smoothies, nice creams, elixirs, soups or digestive shots. Naturally loaded with antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, amino acids, anti-inflammatory compounds and prebiotic fibre, R.E.N.U helps to energise your body, strengthen your immune system, support digestive health and help you to feel awesome, every day.

Hart and Soul Fine Foods are now stocked in gourmet grocers, cafes, homewares stores and food outlets across Australia.
Hart and Soul is solely owned and operated by founder Sarah Hart who deliberately maintains a small enterprise, retaining the essence of the original concept. Sarah manufactures then hand finishes all products herself.

Sarah: I’m passionate about producing a unique range of high quality products which are all hand made in small batches, ensuring consistency of flavour and presentation.

My commitment to manufacturing 100% natural products with absolutely no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or additives and no GMOs makes the brand extremely popular. I’m aware of the growing list of artificial ingredients and allergens that so many foods contain and totally avoid them. I pay great attention to detail when packaging products, down to the handmade decorations that adorn each bottle of cordial concentrate. Being beautifully presented, my products make perfect gifts, are fabulous for retail outlets and are ideal for corporate hampers.

Having made the conscious decision to not mass produce, I’m creating beautiful, delicious products with a distinct difference for those who appreciate their quality, individuality and my love for sharing my Hart and Soul.