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Fragrant and flavorful with a beautiful toasted aroma and a nuttiness that is both soothing and refreshing, roasted black tartary buckwheat boasts many health benefits. When steeped in boiling water, the groats make a delicious tea; the brewed kernels/groats can then be eaten or added to cereals, soups or smoothies. Belonging to a group of foods commonly known as pseudo-cereals, buckwheat is not related to wheat and is thus gluten-free.

Processed through roasting the seed, wetting (to remove the outer sheath) the lightly roasting again.

Grown in the Himalayan region of Yunnan at an altitude of 2700-3200m, this is the highest grown black tartary buckwheat in the world.

Rich in anti-oxidants, fibre, high quality proteins, and minerals, it’s one of the best sources of rutin and quercetin, both potent immune boosters.

Rutin has been shown to help reduce high blood pressure, inflammation, high cholesterol and blood sugar level as well as lowering ones risk of cancer. It may cut one’s risk of heart disease by preventing the formation of blood clots and improving blood lipid profile by lowering levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol whilst maintaining higher levels of HDL (good) cholesterol.

Quercetin is a known zinc ionafore which aids the transport of zinc from our bloodstream into our cells to help in fighting the effects of viruses and infections. Its anti-oxidant properties have been shown to help lower our risk of heart disease and cancer.

D-chiro-inosotil is a unique soluble carbohydrate in tartary buckwheat which reduces blood sugar levels and may benefit diabetes management. Buckwheat is the richest food source of this plant compound.

Tartary buckwheat is richer in ant-oxidants than many common cereal grains, has a low-medium GI rating and so is a great addition to your healthy diet on a daily basis.

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