Pure Bliss Balls


Hart and Soul Pure Bliss Balls are handmade with dried fruit, nuts & seeds.

There are no sugars of any description added, no  added fats, oils or protein powders & and absolutely nothing artificial.

Five delicious flavours to choose from:

APRICOT CHIA: a light truffle of apricot, pear, almond & coconut with the crunch of superfood chia in a coconut coating.

CRANBERRY ORANGE: almond, date, prune, cranberry, pistachio & orange zest, leaving behind a hint of toasted orange inside a coating of pistachio dust.

CHOCOLATE FUDGE:     a dense chocolate truffle of hazelnut, raisin, date, prune, goji berry, cacao powder, coconut & vanilla in a coconut coating. Rich in flavour & anti-oxidants; a delicious & very healthy alternative to traditional truffles.

PEPPERMINT CHOCOLATE:     a dense, crunchy chocolate truffle of hazelnut, raisin, date, prune, cacao powder, coconut, buckwheat & vanilla with a hit of peppermint essential oil. Rich in flavour & antioxidants.

RASPBERRY PEAR: a delicious blend of pear, dried raspberry, almond coconut & pepita in a coconut coating.

Gluten and dairy free, low GI treats packed with antioxidants, protein, vitamins, minerals, fibre & natural energy.

The perfect breakfast on the run, brain food, pre & post exercise high energy snack; a sweet substitute any time a sugar craving hits & a great extra on cheese platters.

Ideal for new mums, those recovering from  surgery or illness & for sluggish digestion.

Packaged in convenient resealable pouches of 7 (140gm)